OUR MISSION is to challenge our students to develop the character and competencies required to achieve academic excellence and a successful future of contribution and leadership in local, national and global communities. As a result, a rigorous academic program, participation in sporting, cultural and recreational activities, and opportunities to exercise leadership are hallmarks of a 91大神 Flinders Anglican College education.

OUR SECONDARY SCHOOL is characterised by two sub-schools, Middle School (Years 7 to 9) and Senior School (Years 10 to 12). Success in the Middle School years is achieved through dynamic and diverse educational opportunities. Our Flinders approach is student-centred, authentic, collaborative, developmental and challenging. Our Flinders Senior programs offer students the broadest range of opportunities, producing committed, lifelong, co-operative learners.

Middle School

(Years 7-9)

Middle School at 91大神 Flinders Anglican College is more than just a transition from Primary to Secondary School. It coincides with a period of change in young people, that can be both challenging and exciting, in which they adjust to new roles, identities and expectations.

Adolescents of this age have the need for purpose, empowerment, independence and success and as such, our Middle School practices are collaborative, outcome-based and centred on the learner. Our main aims are to ensure learners are engaged, focused and achieving, that the curriculum and teaching methods are effective, and that we create genuine partnerships and ongoing support.

Year to RISE: New Year 9 Curriculum

How can we, as a College, inspire our Year 9 students to engage in their learning, experience authentic opportunities and grow through challenges?

This was the guiding question for the new Year to RISE curriculum program, introduced in 2023. We envisaged a program specifically designed to inspire students to ask questions, seek solutions and take action; leveraging curiosity by striking a balance between knowledge development and inquiry.

In Year 9, the curriculum is delivered through Core Subjects (English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, HPE and Religious and Values Education), Fusion Courses and Specialist Electives. All subjects are taught through a conceptual lens, centring around the broad ideals of sustainability, inclusivity, diversity, environmentalism, entrepreneurship, technology and innovation.

This approach exposes students to the big issues the world is facing and encourages them to play an active role in seeking solutions.

Follow the Year to RISE journey here.


Our Middle School is a caring and welcoming place where students develop the confidence they need to successfully learn and grow. We work hard to establish a platform of trust and an environment in which students feel a sense of belonging and connectedness to their school. We encourage our students to extend themselves in a challenging, stimulating setting with our highly qualified teachers who are supportive and cognisant of the unique needs of this age group.


Flinders Middle School Curriculum is designed to extend students and develop their capacities well beyond the expectations set out by ACARA through the Australian Curriculum. Ever mindful of the developmental needs of early adolescents, our curriculum places a deliberate focus on the core skills of literacy and numeracy whilst challenging students towards higher-order thinking, such as with our new ENIGMA program. This is achieved through a balance of a traditional core of subjects, including English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography and Physical Education, and an array of elective choices, which expands from year to year. These electives are grouped around and designed to promote the Flinders Learner Traits (also known as 21st century skills) of Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Character, Communication and Citizenship.


Across all subjects, the Middle Years鈥 Curriculum is deeply committed to fostering the values, attitudes and behaviours conducive to further learning, to effective citizenship and to leadership. Our teaching practices in the Middle Years reflect a commitment to deep learning, collaboration and the formation of a growth mindset as we build the foundations for future success in the senior years.


Pastoral Care Programs have been designed to develop the Flinders Learner Traits and students are under the care of Homeroom Mentors, Heads of House and Year Level Co-ordinators. The program as a whole is strategic, yet flexible, very well-resourced and enjoys a successful collaboration between all parties. Students in our Middle School have access to the same exceptional facilities, highly valued specialist teachers and educational community activities enjoyed by their Senior Secondary counterparts, ensuring that their time at our College will achieve the best outcomes possible.

Middle School matters!

Senior School

(Years 10-12)

The Senior School at 91大神 Flinders Anglican College is dedicated to preparing our students for the vibrant futures that await them beyond graduation. 


Students are encouraged to fulfil their academic potential through a carefully staged curriculum with a deliberate skills focus. Year 10 serves as a pre-Senior, preparatory year where the foundations of the Senior Curriculum are laid. At this time, students are encouraged to consider their future pathways and are counselled into the senior courses that will best serve their needs and interests.

The Year 11 and 12 Curriculum is derived from the QCAA syllabus with 28 General and 2 Applied subjects available for students to select as they prepare to receive their ATAR and entry into tertiary studies. In this respect, the fine academic results of successive years of Flinders graduates speak for themselves.


Our Senior School is dedicated to holistic education. This is evident in the extensive array of co-curricular activities in which our students participate. Our music program is renowned and our ensembles and orchestras have played to audiences at the Sydney Opera House and major venues in Europe and the USA. All students are encouraged to take up a sport choosing from a selection that caters for novices, right through to nationally-ranked athletes who may be eligible for our exciting new Flinders Elite Athlete Program. Our co-curricular program is complemented by a range of clubs and societies in activities such as chess, environment, charity work, writing and debating, as well as our Creative Arts offerings.


Flinders graduates learn how to be leaders of the future. The co-ordinated leadership development program that commences in the Middle School continues into the Senior School with an increasing variety of roles and responsibilities, challenging our Seniors and offering authentic opportunities to lead. The Year 10 outdoor camp is an exciting opportunity for personal development and leadership, and the Year 11 retreat is one of the most valued experiences for our students' growth during their Flinders education.

For a world view and to contribute to something bigger than themselves, our students are encouraged to participate in our Round Square affiliation. This enables them to experience other cultures and to develop an appreciation of the challenges facing the planet. Senior students are encouraged to model servant leadership and there are enduring examples throughout our College of the positive legacies of each graduating year.


A visitor to our College is quickly aware of a tangible atmosphere of encouragement and support that permeates our campus. Students and teachers alike embrace and celebrate the successes of others.Teachers know that positive relationships are the cornerstone of great teaching. Our Senior School staff are highly trained specialists who continue to develop their skills through our College鈥檚 extensive professional learning program with access to tailored professional development opportunities and peer support.

Our Pastoral Care network comprises:

  • Head of Pastoral Programs
  • Eight Houses of approximately 100 students spread over Years 7鈥12, each with a dedicated Head of House and six Homeroom Mentors. Members of the same family will all belong to the same House and form a close association with House staff. Houses are named after prominent Australians:
    • Bradman House
    • Chisholm House
    • Helpmann House
    • Mawson House
    • McCubbin House
    • Oliphant House
    • Sutherland House
    • Thiele House
  • Year 7 Co-ordinator who attends to the specific needs of students in their first year of Secondary School
  • Two full-time counsellors
  • A full-time and dedicated College Chaplain
  • Head of Middle School and Head of Senior School who assist with course selection and special considerations.

In addition, subject and co-curricular staff members, office staff and library and sickbay staff are significant points of contact for students and parents.

Flinders WELL 4Life

Students from Years 7鈥12 undertake a variety of formal lessons, activities and presentations related to personal and wellness development through our WELL4Life program. This program incorporates four dimensions that include the WELL4Life curriculum; Enterprise projects; Life Adventures and Leadership opportunities.

Our Well4LIFE Curriculum seeks to develop students鈥 wellness knowledge and skills through the college鈥檚 homeroom program, Religion and Values Education (RAVE) and Health and Physical Education (HPE) core subjects. Our homeroom mentors deliver age-appropriate programs from Years 7-12 that focus on developing the capacities for students to Learn and Live Well.

All year levels engage with activities that address the seven dimensions of wellness. In addition to these broad foundations, the unique milestone events associated with each year level are addressed through a range of authentic learning adventures that prepare students for life and learning transitions within and beyond their time at Flinders.

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